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Reparation by Springcloud
A breeding card for my dragons Absolution x Redemption for a planned hatchery on Flight Rising. Takes a surprising amount of time, heh.
Mercykill - WIP by Springcloud
Mercykill - WIP
Name: Mercykill 
Past names: Albatrosskit, Albatrosspaw, Albatrosswing
Gender: Male
Mercykill, despite being a Revanant, is not evil. At least not the traditional kind. He is the kind that, should he get wind of a prophecy, would do his best to derail it. Any opportunity he sees to get cats to stop having faith in Mysticclan he takes, as he has found that they are not worth putting your faith.

Blood Loyalty
Above all he values his family, while any relations at this point are distant, he still keeps a close eye on them. And does his best to save them when times are at their worst, not trusting Mysticclan to save them. Once upon a time he had been a medicine cat… So many cats died. Yet Mysticclan only brought back one. So no. No he does not trust them with the fate of his family.

The fact that Mercykill was a medicine cat in his life is painfully clear in the way he treats those he comes across. However the fact that he was a cat well practiced in the art of triage and mercy killing becomes clear as well, as he will try and strike down any who seem too miserable and depressed to live, sparing them future suffering.

He can be quite manipulative in his anarchist ways to snub Mysticclan. To the point were if he manages to get ahold of a particular cat this song can fit oddly well. 
Pet- Perfect Circle…

Mercykill was a medicine cat back in a time fraught with conflict. The population of the island had never been higher, and as such resources were growing scarcier by the day. A war had been waging for years by the time Albatrosswing took the reigns of medicine cat of his clan. He did the best he could, but with a limited supply of herbs he had to make certain choices. Triage, who would live and who would die. 

His herb supplies came to such a dismal level that he had to take to even culling those who might take up too much of his supplies, those who would not be worth the amount of supplies they used. The young, the old, both of them suffered the heaviest losses as he tried to keep the fighting forces of his clan strong. It was a heavy burden, one he could let none know about. But it was a necessary evil. His clan did pull ahead in the war for awhile, having little excess weight to drag them down.

At one point Mysticclan sent a prophecy to the leader of his clan to warn him of what hat
However Albatrosswing was discovered in his secret by one of the one cats he had put out of their misery. Mysticdream revived the young one and they told the clan of what Albatrosswing was doing, and told them of the others that Albatrosswing had had a paw in ending the lives of.

Albatrosswing tried to explain himself. That what he was doing was merely mercy killing. If he hadn’t killed those cats then he wouldn’t have enough for those who actually might survive. He had to make choices. He had to kill them.

The clan was deaf to his words, and drove him out. As one last act of spite they renamed him Mercykill, a name that would stick with him unto the afterlife. In his wanderings he fell in love with a she-cat and had kits with her, a line that would inevitably lead to Coldheart. However he never got to raise his kits, as one of the relatives of one of the cats he had mercy killed found him and put a quick and brutal end to his life.

When he died he was denied entrance into Mysticclan for the atrocities he had committed during life and the multitude of souls that he had killed dwelling with him.

Even as the generations passed he still watches out for those who share his blood. Their guardian demon of sorts. He alway wishes he could have been there to raise his own litter, rather than having had left them behind. If only. So he watches out for his bloodline in place of that, protecting them to the best of his ability.

Journal History


Springcloud's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Sixteen year old Kansan girl. Not much to say about me really! Well, that's not really true. *Cue rambling*

Hello everyone, my name is Caitlin! Most people online call me Cedar, so that is also acceptable. I've been a fangirl of various things for about... six years, I'd estimate. I'm an avid Jane Austen fan, I love anime and manga, post-by-post roleplaying, and messing around on the computer - whether it be drawing or helping to create a website. I'm more versed in Proboards website-making than any other, so... *shrug* ^-^ I abuse emoticons, and I love to be random.

My family says I'm a romantic, and I suppose that's true. I love stories like the Phantom of the Opera, Pride and Prejudice, and other similar circumstances. ^w^

My older brother is a budding music artist and composer. He actually has two albums and several singles on iTunes! Now, I may be biased, but he's pretty good at singing and composing. He writes all his songs and sings them as well, only some of the backup singers are other voices. I encourage you to check them out! Just search "James Conner". I must warn you the "For the Industry" or whatever albums that come up ARE NOT HIS!

And yes, I'm my brother's biggest fan. xD

My little sister is also on DA, but she doesn't have any art at the moment. She's quite the little comic artist though. ^-^

That's all for my siblings. My mom and dad have been married for over twenty years, so I guess we have a pretty normal family.

I'm homeschooled - but NOT a homeschoolER, there's a difference ;D - and have been since my freshman year of high school. I'm learning Japanese (wish me luck!) and teaching myself HTML coding for Proboards and such. If anyone has any tips, I'd love to hear them!

16 Kansan girl who likes to ramble and create fanart.

If you DID read all of what I typed, bless your soul. ♥ You obviously have too much time on your hands and/or have nothing better to do at the moment than read my randumblings. xD

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